Ben Westbeech Interview

Ben Westbeech Interview


“I basically gave a friend of mine my CD but she was like ‘Oh I’ve got a friend who I could play this to’, and I didn’t know who she was talking about. I was just like, ‘oh cool, she’s just given away a CD’. Then, about two months later I got a call saying Gilles had heard it, and he wanted to sign me to his label. I think they had some good sound systems!” says a slightly cocky but cool Ben Westbeech. Brighton soul boy confirms his skills with Brownswood Recordings debut album Welcome To The Best Years Of Your Life he says “It’s quite eclectic and it’s quite diverse, as far as the area I come from. It also represents me from the past, but I’ve already got it going out on vinyl, and everything. So, they are a good label, it’s out today actually”

Ben Westbeech is also working on some individual projects and collaborative projects, Ben Westbeech says “You might see a few bits or a couple of tracks from ‘Professor Green’ and do some producing probably, me and Digz, are going to be doing a hip-hop album, and I’m working on my second album as we speak”

He admits, “Yeah, well it’s going to be different” He continues, “We’ll see what happens. Were going to try and get some more live elements involved but you know? We’ll, see how it goes” Ben Westbeech offered us a varied musical album from drum and bass to dub, to electronic, nu-jazz and eclectic soulful sounds. “’Straight Outta Compton’ by NWA is a great record. LTJ Bukem, ‘Atlantis’, a lot of Rock ‘n’ Roll music, A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, D’Angelo, and old singers like Curtis Mayfield, Otis Redding, and Stevie Wonder” I get him to express his feelings towards the UK soul scene “I really like Omar, I think he’s a great Soul artist. He really did it for me back in the day, you know? When ‘There’s Nothing Like This’  came out, and his new record as well, actually”

Ben Westbeech proceeds, “Amy Winehouse is good because she’s kind of soul, I think she’s doing a really good thing” Signing to DJ Gilles Peterson’s record label, Brownswood Recordings was the best thing for this Bristol soul artist “Just the freedom of being able to create what I want to create, without being pressurized by major labels or companies. I think that’s the best thing about being an independent, I think” on being independent. However, I threw the major label offer question but in much surprise he says, “I’d probably stay with the underground, I don’t really want to go down that major route. I think it’s a bit of a worry when people go down that, they also get ruined, so I think I’ll stick with the independent”

Expect to see a Ben Westbeech with the help of his new label and Elastic Artists Agency LTD “Just a lot of live shows, trying to get out to a lot more fans. Places like South Port, Soul Weekender, Glastonbury and a few art clubs. Yeah, we’re just trying to promote the album and get people to see the live band; that’s what we’re doing right now”


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