Conya Doss Interview

Conya Doss Interview


“Somewhat I do, actually. I hear a lot of elements from the first record in ‘Love Rain Down’. I think that there has been a lot of growth musically” says this Cleveland, USA modern soul songstress about her musical growth since her debut album A Poem About Ms. Doss to Love Rain Down — released 2006 on Dome Records but independently in the USA. “I had the pleasure of working with Myron Davis and, Rodney Jones again. Additionally, musicians James Penn, Pete Tokar and, Tony Pulizzi were in on my set” Conya Doss goes on to explain how she got the record deal with Dome Records. “Moja Music, which consists of Josh Honigstock and Myron Davis, hooked the whole Dome situation up. They are great!”

The majority of songs Conya Doss writes is all about love, she admits, “I write about what I feel at that time. If I choose to focus on life matters, then I’ll write about it. I’m definitely aware of life matters. I can only share what’s through my lens” She continues, “I was always a musician. Growing up, I was surrounded by music and I remember continuously having family gatherings, where I would show case my voice” Conya Doss offers us an insight into her future collaborations or at least the ones she would like to collaborate with, “I’d like to work with DJ Jazzy Jeff, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Chico DeBarge, Frank McComb, D’Angelo, Lauryn Hill, and many more!”

“I enjoy the freedom of creating whatever I feel, and not being pigeonholed. I am accountable for what I do. Music and people inspire me. When listeners receive me, it inspires me” expresses this independent soul artist, who just so happens to be one of the leading members of the movement, plus she is female, Conya Doss is a rarity. Three albums in the making, and Conya Doss is still being talked about both in the US and the UK.

Conya Doss says, “I try to surround myself by positive people. I don’t like a lot of negativity. No set dates but were working on it” And she defines her personality in one word, “Humble” — Thank you Conya Doss for this interview, would be great to meet one day. “It would be nice to meet you as well” says Conya Doss.


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