Vikter Duplaix Interview

Vikter Duplaix Interview


“Oh well, that’s such a broad question” replies Vikter Duplaix, he continues. “In general? I mean; I was just inspired to make something that was soothing but fun, and also not too sleepy but still very relaxing. So, I just wanted to make a listening experience from beginning to end that was consistent and took you on a bit of a journey. But didn’t really make you too excited or make you too mellow. You know? Just finding a couple of different moods to play with was really the goal” And on music making, Vikter Duplaix admits, “It’s hard to say because I don’t really have a formula for creating. I just kind of go with the flow, some of them I did with other people and some of them I didn’t. They’re all personal, meaning that they’re all based on a thought or an idea of mine. It’s just expanded upon by either the musicians, what I’m doing or going through. It’s really difficult for me to go back in time to paint a picture of each record. Over all it was just a process of being honest at that moment”

“Well, I didn’t really set out to be a singer in my career” Vikter Duplaix confesses. “I was really a DJ/Producer/Songwriter, at first. As I was recording songs for people to sing, the other artists were like, ‘Yeah your kind of cool, you should develop it’. That type of thing, so actually I give the other artists props for recognizing that there was potential in what I was doing. I think the validation from a record I did with the Masters At Work, called ‘The Messengers’. Was the beginning of recognizing that people liked how I sounded and then I continued to explore after that”

Vikter Duplaix had collaborated with a lot of talented artists and musicians, to name just a few Jazzanova. “Yeah, they were all good because you always learn from something or someone. I’m the type of person anyway, who learns from every experience, from personal experiences like Earth, Wind and Fire to doing things with Jazzanova. At the time they hadn’t really worked with any artist, they were only programmers. I was the first actual artist they produced. So, it was definitely a learning experience for both of us because they were so used to being in front of laptops. I had never really been used to working with people who were exclusive to that. It was like a meaning of the mind, so to speak”

“Yeah, I did three songs with Jazzanova. I did, ‘Soon’, ‘Last Night’, and ‘Wasted Time’”, says Vikter Duplaix. “Oh, it was great. I like them as people, I got a chance to go to Berlin, it was a beautiful experience and they are a great bunch of guys. I really appreciate what they bring to world music culture”

“(Laughs) you mean, in terms of when I wake up in the morning?”, regarding how he gets through each day. “I look forward to every single breath until I take my last. That’s my objective in life; enjoy it as I go through it” And on his lifestyle? “Well, my lifestyle is very demanding but I do Capoeira, which is weight training and other stuff like that. That is what I do for my physical side. Mentally, I just like to hang out, be normal and go to movies. Not really think about too much or too hard all the time”

“I love London, minus the fact that the dollar doesn’t really work that well (Laughs)” expresses Vikter Duplaix. “But the music scene is great. It’s not even just the music scene, it’s the over all perspective of art, culture and how they work together. I think England in general is still very appreciative of soulful things” Vikter Duplaix also admits how he starts his day on a positive…”Well, I wake up, and I slap my face to see if I’m still there. And I sit there for a second and think about what I’m going to do next and then ask the question, what? Because there’s always something different everyday”

“No, never had that sensation”, regarding wanting to write some one else’s song. A question I soon after stopped asking artists! “Yeah, I wish there was a radio format or a mainstream radio format that was more exclusive of new things and took more chances. It’s very, very repetitive and that’s very boring and it makes the social culture very boring”

“I get inspired by good people and beautiful experiences. I’m just typically paying attention to everything that’s going on around me. I try to be somewhat of a reporter in my music, and I try to sing what I’ve experienced through sound” And on the best help or advice he has been given over the years in the industry? “Oh, I’ve had so many people help me through out the years. Kenny Gamble, King Britt, Jazzanova, 4 Hero, the West London crew, BBE guy’s, so many people. I’ve been very fortunate in lots of ways”

“It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you”, on surprises he has for us in 2007 and beyond. “Well, hopefully I’ll go over there in Spring when I get a lot more work, do a few remixes and keep the ball rolling forward”


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