Nuwamba Interview

Nuwamba Interview


Nuwamba released a solid modern soul album called Above The Water out last year on Bornsoulful/Chocolate Soul. “I’ve been working on this new project that will be released either the third or fourth quarter of 2007. I also have an EP that I want to get put out. It’s just an EP of the first album, of some remixes, and its house, down tempo and drum and bass music” Nuwamba continues, “Actually, there remixes by some different guys; Ron Trent, Earnie G, and other guy’s that don’t really have a name for themselves, yet. It should be real exciting, as far as this EP. Were doing it just because; its something fun before I put the next album out” Nuwamba’s name means November in the Nigerian language Hausa, Nuwamba is an innovative singer and songwrite, he speaks about how it was making the album Above The Water. “It was pretty hard, man, to be honest with you. The fact is if you haven’t ever really made an album be fore, you really don’t know what to do. If your trying to make a good album. You have a lot of mistakes to be made, which is basically what I did but we tried to create a different vibe and different idea’s. I think we did a great job. I don’t know if you got a chance to get the album?”

Pushing to maintain a professional music career, while being passionate about making original music, seems stressful. Nuwamba says, “Well, I’ve actually been producing professionally for about three years but I’ve been making music for about twelve years. I am currently involved in the music industry, working with T.V Commercials and MTV. Basically, that album pushed the envelope for me, you know what I’m saying? It kind of helped me get out on to other things. I’ve been doing music the whole of my life but professionally’ I’d say for about three years”

Nuwamba returns to his youth, “I played the French Horn from when I was in 8th grade all the way to musical theory. Other than that man, it was pretty much just natural. I began being in Church Choirs but it’s mostly natural, you know? Most people say they went to this or that University but I went to University; but I didn’t even study music there. All for the art, you know what I mean?” He also expresses his views on the music industry, “Yeah, it’s changed tromendously, like I say I I’m not trying to be like a John Legend or one of those big cats like that” In perspective Nuwamba is unknown to the mainstream music scene but even the independent music scene, he is still a growing and developing artist. But he remains confident, “(laughs), I’m like one of the underground scene artists that people should know about”

“Straight honest music man, and ever changing music” says Nuwamba as he describes his own music. “This latest album has had a really big change since what I did back in the day. Things are changing, I’d say from the first album I am more comfortable where I am now. I’ve gone through things but I am able to also challenge and express myself more. About things that were going on back then as well. So, it should be a good album, this next album” He says, “Yeah, the next album is going to be called, ‘The Naked Truth’” Nuwamba continues, “We haven’t got a record label for it yet but you know how we do on the underground (laughs). We do have our own company though called Chocolate Soul Entertainment and if I don’t get a label to distribute it, I’ll be distributing it like I did with the first album with Chocolate Soul. We’ll just distribute it again, because we got some pretty good love, all the way out there” If you’ve been aware of Nuwamba’s career/music, he has recently been featured on Soul Brotherl Records, ‘This Is Soul 2007. “Yeah, we’ve also been on some different compilations. An album that has Omar, Common and others on released 22nd Jan last year in Japan, through P. Vine Records. And Soul Brother Records compilation ‘This Is Soul 2006’”

“I’ve had a lot of people saying I have great stage presence. I haven’t had the challenge yet to really show case that. I’ve performed for some opening acts, and people are like ‘Wow I didn’t know you could perform like that!’ And I’m like yeah, well I can and I’m trying to get more shows (laughs). Once I get more shows I think my popularity will expand and I’ll get the chance to showcase my talent” confesses Nuwamba, who has by now opened up for Eric Roberson and others. Make sure you purchase Nuwamba’s debut album Above The Water, and check out his myspace page on


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