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L’Renee ‘2nd Chance’ Review

Posted in Music Reviews on October 18, 2007 by soulismsofficialblog

L’Renee2nd Chance Review’


L’Renee is a beautifully talented songstress from the US, another out of the hundreds of independent US soul artists. What makes L’Renee stand out of the crowd? Her ability to create her own style of soul music, fusing in original beats, with no production name drops, a highly refreshing home grown album, 2nd Chance. Vocally, L’Renee definitely offers a lot of soul, her Gospel edge shines through with her 2nd Chance. L’Renee, will soon be an artist on the tip of everyone’s tongue, with radio friendly songs, yet with an independent status, she has the package for future stardom.

The UK will probably welcome her with wide arms, as 2nd Chance has plenty of strong songs, on ear offer, are titles like Its OK, an up beat song, which gives the listeners a solid introduction to L’Renee. Her voice is breath taking, ranging from high tones to deep lows, delivering a lot of soul and legendary artists like Nina Simone come to mind, if she deserves that compliment, which of course L’Renee does. With her own production company, L’Renee Musique Inc and publicist Mo of, L’Renee will be big, just give her time to get into your mind.